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Why Old Places Matter is the only book that explores the reasons that old places matter to people Although people often feel very deeply about the old places of their lives they don't have the words to express why This book brings these ideas together in evocative language and with illustrative images for a broad audienceThe book reveals the fundamentally important yet under recognized role old places play in our lives While many people feel a deep seated connection to old places from those who love old houses to the millions of tourists who are drawn to historic cities to the pilgrims who flock to ancient sites throughout the world few can articulate why The book explores these deep attachments people have with old places the feelings of belonging continuity stability identity and memory as well as the traditional reasons that old places have been deemed by society to be important such as history national identity and architectureThis book will be appealing to anyone who has ever loved an old place But importantly it will be an useful resource to articulate why old places are meaningful to people and their communities This book will help people understand that the feeling many have for old places is supported by a wide variety of fields and that the continued existence of these old places is good It will give people the words and phrases to understand and express why old places matter Donovan D Rypkema President Heritage Strategies International Planetizen

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    First I asked my library Glenview Public Library if they had this beautiful new book They didn’t and ordered it for me How cool is that Second to have Tom Mayes articulate why old places matter something so important to me has had great meaning I advocate often for why and now have background for my point of view continuity identity history architectural beauty community and economic impact Even sustainability so important A great read

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    As a career preservationist I’ve been waiting for a book that can place the reasons why preservation is important in today’s world this is it It inspires as well as informs Well worth the read

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    I enjoyed this book The subject was fascinating Why old places matter? Worth reading

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    Loved it This what I want to do because old places matter

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    I had hoped for a bit in this book The author made sure to let the reader know that this was the ONLY book about the subject matter of why historic places are important to people and how they are affected by living among those places Since that's the case I would have loved to see a international perspective in his examples Instead he mostly discussed places in his life places in the states he's lived in and some areas of Rome where he visited I assume the logic is the same regardless of place but I would have been interested in at least seeing some examples and pictures from radically different or much older locations such as places that are so old modern visitors can't really connect on a family level any like ancient archaeological sites where you can't say this is the temple where great grandpa sacrificed animals to the old gods But otherwise it was refreshing to see this represented in literature because especially in America too many old buildings are being demolished and too many sites are being developed over

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    Not a bad book tough the ideas felt unfocused On one of the paragraphs the pyramids were given as an example of western civilisation This may be a small editing mishap tough it left a bad taste Altough the subject is universal almost all examples of this book were from the writers homecountry which made it felt too localThe author gives examples of monuments destructed by Serbs or Nazis all enemies of US I am from Turkey and if any Turkish author had written about events which Turkey 's enemies were to be blamed exclusively then I would have rated himher as a daft nationalist or easy cheesy writer

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    I had hoped for a bit from this book What Mayes delivers is uite good but it felt like the view from 30000 feet a lot of generalities Still it's a very worthwhile read for anyone involved in historical preservation Each chapter is an essay originally published as a blog on the website of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and each essay focuses on a different reason for preservation of historic buildings or landscapes They range from beauty to history to economics

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    Nice Essay on Why Old Places MattersThis is an essay on why old places matter I agree with the author and thought he had great reasons why historical places were important The photographs on the ebook were bright and beautiful

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    Easy to read book with beautiful narration and breathtaking photos that makes this so much than the ordinary table book