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Knights of the Skull is a full color graphic non fiction series chronicling the development of the German Panzer ard forces in World War II Beginning with the early campaigns in 1939 41 this first volume features the unleashing of Blitzkrieg in Poland in 1939 the incredible defeat of the western Allies in France in 1940 and then the legendary Gen Erwin Rommel's initial North African campaigns in 1941 With detailed and historically accurate illustrations of vehicles uniforms locations and characters this vivid chronicle of the early years of World War II in Europe is not only an artistic look at the war but is also a concise history of Germany's influential approach to ard warfare Tactics developed and executed during Germany's 1939 41 campaigns changed warfare forever and were honed throughout the remaining years of the war

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    Wow so it looks like I’m one of 2 people on Goodreads who has read this book Okay thenWhat’s it about?This is sorta like a documentary in comic book form and it’s about the Nazis in the early years of WW2 especially the tank stuff because even if Nazis are sty TANKS ARE AWESOME ProsThe story is very interesting especially for a history nerd like me who’s way too into war history and tank stuffThe art is amazing and very well drawn This is possibly even the highlight of the book it’s cartoony and detailed at the same time which is so cool Great job on the artI really like how historically accurate it is A lot of comics movies TV shows etc are not good at historical accuracy because they end up getting a lot of stuff wrong especially uniforms and tanks I know most people probably don’t even look at that kinda thing but like I said history nerd but this book gets all of that rightThere’s some great action scenes with the tanks and seriously who doesn’t love action scenes with tanks?Did I mention tanks? Well they’re freaking awesome and are focused on a lot The tanks are drawn fantastically they’re great for awesome action and oh yeah THEY’RE FREAKING TANKS There’s even a little interesting bit about the tanks they’re differences and they’re details so as someone who loves tanks I love the tank stuff in thisConsThe way this book works I have a few issues with it Like I said in my what’s it about section this is like a documentary in comic book form which I thought would work but sadly it doesn’t work as well as I thought it would I’m gonna possibly sound like a snooter here but one of the things about the comic format that I really love is how it mixes illustrations to show the story speech bubbles help with things such as dialogue and you probably will have some info boxes if it’s narrated or to tell you when and where an event within the book is taking place This book has illustrations show some things but mostly uses info boxes andor just some words somewhere to tell you about the stuff happening instead of letting the illustrations and speech bubbles do most of the work like I personally feel comic books should Fortunately speech bubbles and such are used a lot towards the end so I’m hoping that the next volume will be comic booky is that a word if it’s not it should beThis slightly ties in with the previous problem but though I wouldn’t want anything good to happen to the Nazi characters and know what happens with this stuff I still think even bad guys can be well written but since this doesn’t utilize speech bubbles and non documentary like storytelling as much as it should the characters aren’t really written at all they’re just simply there I don’t care for thatOverallThis book is great and I look forward to reading volume 2 I just had some minor problems with it being the picky comics nerd I often am If you’re into history books andor tanks and again who doesn’t love tanks? you should definitely check this one out45

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    Interesting take on history I enjoyed the format particularly when it came to campaign maps and depicting the differences between tanks The graphic novel did feel a bit on the disorganized side and I would have appreciated a lengthier focus on the actual campaigns in Poland France and North AfricaI am looking forward to the second volume