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On June 6 1944 7000 ships carrying 160000 Allied soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy Here is the dramatic story of that climatic battle and the men who planned and fought in it The Normandy invasion altered the course of World War II and led to the defeat of Nazi Germany and the end of the Third Reich It is a story of courage and fear tragedy and determination

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    This uick read about D Day gave a fair amount of information and anecdotes but was not satisfying Will try to read something longer before I go to Normandy to visit the sites One glaring deficiency No maps Perhaps the hard copy had a map The e book did not

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    As a 12 year old gazing out of my bedroom window in south London on that epic morning I marvelled at the armada of black and white striped planes flying on their way to France Rumours that the allied invasion was imminent had been around for weeks and I remember thinking this must be it Al Hine's book is a well written and readable account of what happened next It's a superb sweeping history of those D day events and a nutshell record of the days that followed

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    Interesting readA concise and factual account of the D Day invasion Lots of personal experiences of the men who made the landings coupled with obscure but interesting incidents that could have altered the outcome Recommend to anyone wanting to learn about the planning and execution of the battle

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    Good explanationI read this book in preparation for a trip to Normandy I liked the background in the beginning a the story of what happened the next day and beyond D Day itself was told in a uick fashion yet the details were good This book will help me understand a lot on my tour

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    Read this right after reading D Day by Stephen Ambrose and it paled in comparison If you're looking for a good summary version of D Day events this covers it well But if you want flavor and depth I recommend Ambrose

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    This book gives a great account of the invasion on Normandy D Day is one of my favorite events in history really displaying the courage and bravery of the men The things they went through and had to face so haunting and so incomprehensible So glad to have read this i’ve learned much

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    AmazingIt still amazes me how these brave men went into hell and some came out alive This is a must read for any war reading fan

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    This book is about the invasion of Normandy The book was written in 1962 but wow The invasion took two years of intensive planning and was the result of unbelievable human courage

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    Pretty brief and nothing newWonder why they bothered Lots of imuch Berger books out there Even at a discount this book is disappointing Sorry I wasted my time and 199

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    Clear concise intriguing account of the invasion of Normandy in 1944