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It was only a matter of time until the truth came out I never thought it would come to this I tried God knows I tried to stay away from her but eventually I crossed that line and broke that trust I could no longer go back and I sure as fuck didn’t regret a single moment of it I knew there would be hell to pay I knew the wrath I’d be facing but I would willingly take the burns and scars just to have the love of my best friend's sister If there is one person I’d willingly go to hell and back for it was Lillian RyderSTANDALONE within a series New Adult Contemporary Romance Strong language and sexual content not intended for readers under 18

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    After reading 'Complicate Me' I couldn't wait to start the next book in the series M Robinson's stories have a way of sucking me in Like it's predecessor 'Forbid Me' proved to be an emotional angsty story of forbidden love I couldn't get enough'Forbid Me' is the story of Lucas's little sister Lily and his best friend Jacob Much like half pint Lily has always been around the Good Ol' Boys for all of her life Also like half pint she was very much off limits to any of the guys As much as they sheltered Alex who was only a couple of years younger than the boys it was far worse for Lily who was seven years younger than JacobThe age difference between Lily and Jacob might be tough for some to swallow After all she was around 15 when they first started exploring their attraction He was in his early twenties at the time If Alex was half pint then Lily was jail bait Most of the conflict in their story centers upon the forbidden nature of their relationship In many ways it was very similar to 'Complicate Me' Jacob spends a lot of time trying to deny his attraction to Lily because she is so much younger and the sister of his best friend Eventually Lily has had enough of Jacob's rejection and tries to move on only to have him then figure out how much he wants her Once he's no longer fighting his attraction they waste time trying to hide it from their friendsfamily Where this story differed from 'Complicate Me' was in the personalities of the characters Lily was no shrinking violet This was one bold outspoken heroine M Robinson did a great job of crafting her character She managed to keep her from coming across as young or victimy which was essential given the age difference between her and Jacob If anything you felt like she was the one taking advantage of JacobJacob also stood out from Lucas's character Yes he was attracted to a younger off limits girl but that was where the similarities ended for me He didn't engage in the same self destructive behaviors that Lucas did He also seemed to give regard to Lily and her feelings Sure he made plenty of mistakes along the way but there wouldn't have been much of a story otherwiseOverall this was a great story It was sweet taboo and very angsty I listened to the Audible version and it was well narrated If you're looking for a sweet forbidden love story this is a good choiceCheck out of my reviews at wwwbookaddicthavencom

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    4 45 stars After reading Complicate Me I had to get my hands on Lily and Jacob’s story A brother's best friend story which is one of my favorite types of stories to read I love the forbidden aspect of these types of books Lily and Jacob’s story started when she was 15 Jacob is 7 years older than she is The problem isn’t just the age difference no it’s much than that The problem is that Lily’s older brother Lucas is Jacob’s best friend No matter how old Lily is it will never be okay that they’re together This story goes back and forth from past to present with both Lily and Jacob’s point of view Lily has wanted Jacob for as long as she could remember And she’s always known that he’s had feelings for her he just can never go there He’s older and he doesn’t want to risk his friendship with Lucas But sometimes feelings and desires are stronger than anything including friendship and loyalty Especially when that feeling is love 

In the past Jacob couldn’t push Lily far enough away And she couldn’t get close enough to him Now years later after so much has happened things have changed They both are in different places in their lives and want different things “Choose us I promise I won’t ever walk away from you from us again I promise to give you all of me forever I’m all in sweet girl damn the fucking conseuences” I loved getting all the background of Lily and Jacob watching them fight their feelings for each other And the present watching Lily start to trust Jacob again and watching their love grow and come together I just waited and waited for that moment that I knew was going to happen And I was nervous as heck waiting M Robinson writes angsty very well She has been able to write two books in this series that I haven’t been able to put down I had to know what was going to happen next and how things were going to turn out That is probably the best uality in a story Being unable to put it down After reading the epilogue to this story once again I am left dying for the next one I’m so excited to see what happens with Dylan’s story Even though this could technically be read as a stand alone due to the characters connections and all the background of these boys I would highly recommend you read in order If you love a steamy angsty and forbidden story pick this one up

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    45 it will be our little secret stars ❤❤Jacob Lily❤❤This is their story of then and now the long uphill battle to get to their HEA taking you to hell and back It was never a uestion as to if they were meant to be after all they are each others lobster it was all just a matter of finding the right time For Jacob his whole world was Lily so when he turned his back and left he left a piece of himself in her careshe just doesn't know it yet She has his heart his love and his soul; and now that fate has crossed their paths nothing will stop him from getting her backeven if he has to breakdown each brick she's built around her broken wounded heart I was her first and I would be her last For Lily she wants nothing than for him to leave her alone so she can continue living her life In three years she managed to do fine all by herself doing what she loves and never letting anyone close When she sees him all the pain and heart ache comes rushing back actually if she was honest with herself it never even left Her mind protects her heart but her heart knows the truth; she is and always be his I HATE YOU“No you don’t” he growled “You don’t hate me at all baby What you hate is that you still love me” Actions speak louder than words so with each passing day he shows her just how much he truly loves herreminding her just who her body belongs too I get to strip you completely naked I get to make you wet I get to taste you I get to make you come It’s mine Do you understand me?” it's them against the world pretty soon they have to come out of their little cocoon and face the ones who forbid their loveLike with all of M Robinson's novels she effortlessly blends the past and the present making you feel as if you are living each moment with each character For me my love for Jacob and Lily began in Complicate Me and while these are considered stand alone reads it gives you added history if you read it first There were moments I felt hatred others where I unknowingly held my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop while at the same time hoping for no heart ache I won't lie my favorite parts all took place in the now because it was the closest to their HEA The angst that I have grown accustomed to getting with any or M Robinson's books was felt but to my surprise at a lower scale Jacob is charming to fault he is sweet with a sometimes cheesy demeanor has an utterly delicious dirty mouth and the skills to back it up Lily was a mix of sweet and sassy we watched her grow through the pages and while her love for Jacob was clear as day it matured with age Their age difference never bothered me maybe because my hubby and I are in the same boat I'm a firm believer that age is nothing but a number and you really can't put an age on love Regardless of it all I loved it I loved them and I can't wait to see Dylan and Aubrey's story this from the looks of it will be one hell of a ride This is a definite recommended read especially for those who love a them against the world kind of read an alpha male who isn't afraid to get on his knees to say I'm sorry and a love story that spans a lifetime ARC kindly provided by the author via Sixty First Reads in exchange for an honest review uotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication

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    45 Your lobster stars “Hurting you is my biggest regret loving you is my only redemption” Yes Karma is a bitch JacobAnd yes I'm still mad with Jacob because he was standing between Lucas and Alex but damn me i liked his story very much Even though that he was a fuckin' hypocrite And why i'm saying that???Well this was the story of Jacob one of Alex's Good Ol' Boys and Lily's Lucas's baby sister who was seven years older than Jacob Do you see the irony here??? And why karma is a bitch??? I've always loved you but that doesn’t change the fact that this is wrong What we’re doing what we’ve been doing since you were fifteen behind everyone’s backs is fucking wrong From the last chapter of the previous book i was eager to see what it will happen to this book and as in the previous book the prologue made me wild to learn how the things will end up for Jacob and Lily For once again we had back and fourth to past and present but i liked the way it happened Have you ever wanted something so badly that it consumed your very being? Something that you could practically taste on your tongue? Something that was all you thought about day in and day out? The feeling is so intense that it becomes a part of you You could feel it under your skin in your heart consuming your mindThat was Jacob to meHe was my coreI couldn’t remember a time when I didn’t want himWhen I didn’t think about himWhen I didn’t love him Lily fell in love with Jacob in a very young age He was her brother's best friend and they always had a special connection even though that they were 7 years apartJacob started to acknowledge Lily's presence as a woman when she was fifteen and even though that he tried to stay away from her there were times that he wasn't so strong to put some distance between them and Lily was a little shit who knew how to play himBut those facts didn't make him to not hurt her and stay away from her for a long time I’m hurting you when I’m with you and I’m hurting you when I’m not I can’t fucking win either way At the present not exactly Jacob is determined to get Lily back because he can't live any without her but Lilly was hurt and angry and he made his life miserable She is making him to work really really hard to earn her back “You’ve loved me your entire life I’m in your skin I’m in your blood I’m in your heart” I HATE YOU“No you don’t” he growled “You don’t hate me at all baby What you hate is that you still love me” Will Jacob persuade her that he is telling the truth and that he want to spend the rest of his life with her???And even though they will back together are they having a chance to stay together???And what about Lucas???How will he react to this relationship??? “Choose us I promise I won’t ever walk away from you from us again I promise to give you all of me foreverI’m all in sweet girl damn the fucking conseuences” I liked Lily and Jacob as a couple They had an intense relationship a perfect chemistry between them even though that they had seven years apart from each otherYep their beginning seemed a little bit wrong but their feelings were so strong that you could ignore how wrong it seems that she was 15 and he was 22 In this case Lucas was one of the main reasons that they stayed apart and they witnessed so much pain but it wasn't intetional since Lucas had no clue of what it was happening behind his backTo be real Lily and Jacob lived much together than Lucas and Alex and their relationship was hot and intense “I hated that my body wanted one thing and my mind told me another both at war with each otherMy heartBetraying me once againIt Wanted HimAnd that I hated that too” Lily I was blinded by herConsumed by herWrecked by herShe owned each and every part of me right down to my soulI Loved Her JacobI loved Lilly from the first book already I loved the fact that even though she was so young she was sooo intuitiveShe understood the love between Alex and Lucas and her heart was breaking for their behalfI liked Lily because she was a spitfire A fiesty little thing that always spoke her mind even though the others were disagreeing with herShe was real authentic with a big mouth and a huge heartShe was full of life until she felt a double loss and she lost her shiny side But not for too longJacob was everything she wanted in her life but he kept hurting her and she couldn't bare it any But even though everything that happened between them she never stopped loving him and that was scaring her As much as I hated to admit it he was right I didn’t see a future until Jacob came back into the picture and that scared me than anything I was jumping right back in Head first into being dependent on him and I had yet to figure out if it was a good or bad thing Jacob was a little bit rough around the edges He was very different from LucasHe was an alpha male a little bit dominant on bed and he was very determined especially toward Lilly As the rest of the Good Ol' Boys he was a little bit of caveman and very possessive of his womanTo be honest i never fully forgive him for his part on the first storyI was so mad that he couldn't watch his own goddamn business and what is really pissing me off is the fact that he wasn't innocent He was doing something worse behind everyone's backBut i have to admit that with Lily he was very sweet and determinedHe was truly loving her and he made everything in his power to shoe her how much she means to him He could do anything for Lily to take him back and i appreciated his efforts She was my homeSo pure so innocent so angelicSo mineShe possessed my thoughtsShe owned my heartShe fueled my wants and desires Yes for once again i loved that i saw the rest of the gang and I loved that i saw the happiness of Alex and Lucas They deserved a piece of heaven after everything that got throughAlso my curiosity about Dylan and Aubrey hit another level I'm dying to find out what the hell happened between them even though that it is obvious that they are still loving each other after all those years and I can't understand why she is with that piss of shit Jeremy and why she is allowing him to treat her in that awful way And that epilogue??? Damn it made me wild to start the next book immediately

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    ★5 Forbidden Stars ★I won't loose you again You're mine Lillian JacobForbid Me is the second book in The Good Ol' Boys Series and it was a thrilling read Lily and Jacob were magical together and every moment with them was simply unforgettableHave you ever wanted something so badly that it consumed your very being? Something that you could practically taste on your tongue Something that was all you thought about day in and day out? LilyWe met Lily and Jacob in the first book of the series Complicate Me Lily is Lucas' younger sister and Jacob is Lucas' best friend Following the theme of the first book in the series we have a case of forbidden love Jacob is seven years older than Lily Although he should be feeling brotherly love for her when Lily blossoms into a young woman Jacob feels something completely opposite of what a brother should feel for a sister Additionally Lily is head over heels in love with Jacob Can they ever find a way to overcome the age difference and the judgement of their family and friends?Every time I pictured my future it was always with Lily by my side JacobAs Forbid Me shifts between the present and the past we experience the developing friendship between Jacob and Lily and the undeniable attraction they share Although Jacob tries to do the honorable thing Lily is a vixen that will stop at nothing to be with him The constant push and pull was invigorating with the intense sexual chemistry building and the continuous battle of the wills between Lily and Jacob Perhaps one of the most refreshing elements of this read is the tenacity of Lily Jacob makes plenty of mistakes and when he comes back to claim her he has to work for it Which might I add just made the chase even that excitingHis love fucking consumed me LilyBoth Jacob and Lily are complex characters with a great deal of heart The fact that they must face circumstances that are continually ripping them apart only makes their reunion that much sweeter To have a read where both the hero and the heroine are so well matched for one another is like winning the lottery The passion between these two was smoking hot I want you in my mouth Lillian I could taste you in my dream I woke up knowing what I wanted for breakfast I want you in my bed JacobTold in dual POV Forbid Me offers a perfect blend of romance and steam The supporting characters continue to play a vital role in the plot development and enhance each moment with their strong connections to each other With a well constructed story arc witty dialogue and unforgettable characters this is one read you do not want to miss Just her Always her JacobJust Jacob Only him LilyOverall Forbid Me is than just a 5 star read It is a must drop everything on my TBR shelf and read it NOW I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it I have already been back to my kindle to re read my favorite scenes several times Additionally I will be counting down the days for the next Good Ol' Boy to hit my kindle Bravo M Robinson Bravo The Good Ol' Boys SeriesARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visitFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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    Genre NA Contemporary RomanceType Standalone Book 2 of The Good Ol’ BoysPOV First Person DualRating Lillian Lily Ryder was known as Kid for being the youngest in their group of friends Always feeling left out and treated like a kid she yearn to make her mark especially in the eye of certain someone who she had her heart on since she was very youngBeing the oldest of the bunch Jacob Foster is used of being seen as the brother But as Lily blossomed into a young woman every year it became harder to resist her Out of respect to her brother and his best friend he tried to push her away without realizing he was only hurting himself that wayIn Book 1 Lily was never really part of the group and I never really paid attention to her so I’m glad she got her moment in this one I didn’t see a future until Jacob came back into the picture and that scared me than anything I love seeing a different side of her with her fun and flirty demeanor She was also a free spirit who wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted She owned each and every part of me right down to my soul Jacob was the responsible one Having feelings for Lily made it hard for him to decide whether to do what’s right or what’s best I love how he put everything on the line to show her how much he wanted herThe story went between present and past from their pre teen years until their adult life We got to see how they started as friends and evolved to something all while keeping it a secret to everyone around them and how it all fell apart when things were just about to get betterWhat I love the most about the book is how the other characters still played a big part in the couple’s life I especially like how Alex was a big influence for Lily However I feel this book is lacking the emotions that I got from the first book “You’ve loved me your entire life I’m in your skin I’m in your blood I’m in your heart” I was expecting some major angst but I didn’t feel much of it I love it when characters suffered and I felt like Jacob and Lily didn’t suffered enough – as in the reasons they were apart were trivial and how they got back together were too effortless Maybe that’s just me and my sadistic nature lolForbid Me tells the story of a forbidden romance between friends who became something and how their relationship affecting those who close to them NoteThe next book is of Dylan and from the ending of this book it looks like it’s going to be explosive Looking forward to his story D Standalone books in the series For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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    5 Forbidden Stars ARC kindly provided by authorJacob and Lilly's story was everything I hoped for and Emotional and tender; this is the tale of a forbidden love that was able to withstand time and tragedy but only grew stronger inside the hearts of these amazing characters Lily is Luca's little sister and she's loved Jacob for as long as she can remember The love and admiration she felt for her brother's best friend her whole life turned romantic as she grew older Lily knows with every fiber in her being that Jacob is her soulmate but he doesn't see her as anything than his friend's baby sisterJacob is seven years older than Lily and even though he's always had love and a fierce instinct to protect her he can't fathom the idea of admitting she's something to him When Lilly becomes of appropriate age Jacob struggles with the attraction towards her because the worse thing a guy can do to his best friend other than to sleep with his woman and is to date his little sister and Jacob can't do that to Lucas So he tries everything in order to avoid LilyLily's mom is sick with cancer and the thought of loosing her has Lily struggling with everything in her life she's so sad and scared and only Jacob feels like a safe haven during those trying times The love Lily feels for him is the balm the soothes the scars in her heart Jacob can't handle seeing Lily in pain so he gives her everything in order to help her problem is when he finds himself forced to take it all away and brake her heart yet again Jacob goes away to Law school and becomes a very successful lawyer he made partners and a lot of money but the feeling of loneliness never went away no matter how much opulence he achieved He very well knows he could never truly be happy without Lily in his life but after three years can he go back and prove to her that she's everything to him and he wants her forever for real this time?When Jacob comes back into her life Lily feels the need to protect her heart than ever She's hesitant due to their tumultuous past and she's determined not to make the same mistakes They both needed the time apart both of them have grown into the people they were suppose to be but something is always missing in the puzzle that is their lives would the final piece fit this time? Read this amazing book and find out This novel was so emotional I cried and got my heart broken along with Lily and even though I was mad at Jacob than once I understood his reasoning and his struggles What I loved most about Forbid Me was Lily's strength Her mother's illness Jacob's hot and cold behavior Lily always remained strong through it all She didn't allow her heartaches to define her She was set out to do only what she wanted to do no matter what anybody said she was her own person and that uality was pretty inspiring to me Hard times catch to us all and if in those moments we can find a little bit of Lily inside us everything should be alrightAs we read their story we catch up with the rest of the boys and it's impossible not to get excited about what's to come in this series MRobinson created a group of characters with complicated stories that feel so real and as we learn about them they will each claim a piece of your heartAs we walk along the streets of Oak Island and they become familiar to us; it will be a place where we'll cry laugh and fall in love with the Good Ol' BoysA must read series that has it all romance steam and angst I loved itTo Pre order Forbid Me Forbid Me music playlist Nothing Else Matters by LissieGames People Play by Lissie Tennesse Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

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    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review In this seductively enticing romance M Robinson delivers yet again another complicated love story but this time with intricate layers and elements of first love friendship family second chances forgiveness new beginnings and a forbidden romance to get our hearts racing and yearning for With her wickedly beautiful and sinful prose M Robinson enchants her readers on all facets of love from first crush first love heartbreak anger lust jealousy and second chances She sophisticatedly rivets her readers as she reminds readers there is nothing forbidden about love when it's your heart and true love on the line So can an innocent love blossomed to a forever kind of love? Or will friendship and age be the deciding factor as to why two fated lovers will go on their separate ways? So in this forbidden tale of young love can two fated mates finally realize that true love isn't meant to be easy? That love doesn't appear on command and it'll put you through hurdles but in the end none of that will matter because it's about how you overcome these hurdles that will define your love So can a forbidden love prosper and shatter all the doubts insecurities and the people that stands in their way in order to prove that there is nothing forbidden about true love? Forbid Me is the second installment of The Good Ol' Boys Series and once again readers are reunited with a group of friends who grew up together and had their lives intertwined Each moment of their life was ingrained and built on their strong love for each other And so begins the tale when a friendship gets complicated and blurred when Jacob Foster begins to start look at his best friend's little sister a little differently When Jacob first laid eyes on Lilian Ryder he always saw her and treated her as his little sister that is until when he finally saw a young woman standing before him Soon Lilian Ryder became the apple of his eyes the beat to his heart and the air he breathes So what happens when the lines of what is right and wrong begins to get blurred? The seven year age gap of Lily and Jacob was one of the biggest factor that stood in their way It was a constant reminder to Jacob that he's toying and walking a fine line with danger especially when he knows and should be seeing her as his best friend's little sister But when attraction lust and love soon begins to take precedence Jacob and Lily find themselves at a crossroad in their relationship To start something that could lead something so beautiful Or take a chance on a love that could destroy years of friendship As they could no longer deny their feelings for one another how can something so wrong feel so right? M Robinson has truly stepped up and elevated her writing to a whole new level as she delivers a book that was filled with everything that I loved craved and wanted in a forbidden romance Ms Robinson has sensitively and sophisticatedly delivered a forbidden romance that will set hearts racing as readers realize that the love of Jacob and Lily is something that can't be stopped I loved that the author was able to make readers FEEL all the raw emotions heartbreak and loss of Jacob and Lily as they faced the uphill battle of their relationship M Robinson did an amazing job highlighting and showcasing the passion and tangible bond that Jacob and Lily had for each other was built on a solid foundation of love understanding and respect Nothing about their love was tainted and forbidden when readers realize see and feel their true love coursing through each of the pages So if you are looking for a book that speaks volumes on love honesty vulnerabilities and second chances then I highly recommend you to read Forbid Me The only forbidden thing about reading this book is denying yourself to read an epic love story between two fated lovers who were meant to have their lives entangled with one another Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Robinson

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    I have to start this with saying that although each of the books in this series focuses on a particular character and can probably be read as a stand alone don’t Read them in order One of the best part of this series is the buildup Not just of the current book but of the next one Now excuse me while I freak the fuck out The way Complicate Me ended I knew one thing I needed this book Had to have it Jacob has known Lilian since the day she was born He loved her from the moment he saw her But that love started to change That love turned into something that could not be denied even if it was bound to destroy everything She was just a girl He was a man She was his best friend’s little sister Okay so I stayed up until around 4am reading this I was dying I had to have all the pieces I needed to know what happened How three years had passed without these to seeing or speaking to one another How did a man in his twenties give into the temptations of a teenage girl? How did they break each other completely? This story is told in dual points of view and also with timeline jumps to the past and then back into present day Each segment of this story was a buildup Each chapter ending was a mini little heart stopping cliffhanger I loved that the author worked in the angst in this manner The story itself was filled with it But it wasn’t this fabricated angst that backfires when you become so annoyed with the characters The story held all of this The storyline and structure of the book was the key A fucking brilliant move Far too many times I struggle with an angsty read when it is forced This wasn’t forced one bit I wasn’t told this story was heartbreaking – I knew it because it broke my fucking hear to read it Everything about this story just flowed so perfectly The way she didn’t make their relationship sordid at the start The way she gave you Jacob’s POV and how much he struggled to give into what his heart wanted even if it could cost him everything As much as this gem was a girl falling for her brother’s best friend and an age taboo romance it was also a coming of age book We saw Lily grow we saw Jacob grow We saw them struggle with life and the hard stuff and come out on the other side scars and all And boy were these two damaged Then toss in the emotional aspects of this story A very key part of this story also took place in Complicate Me – from a completely different POV I knew it was coming But nothing NOTHING could have prepared me for those moments Jacob in those moments Lily drowning in her sorrow – that just tore me to shreds These two had so many obstacles So many challenges to overcome Forbid Me is a story of second chances A love story that shows you just how strong the pull of love can be How sometimes it can be so wrong and so right at the same time That nothing is easy Nothing comes without pain That sometimes it’s just the right person is there at the wrong time I was on the edge of my seat during this entire experience I sobbed I soared And I loved every fucking minute of the torture I need Dylan’s story Right Now This is a must read series You will not regret it

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    ༺Complimentary Copy༺ Provided by the authorM Robinson in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE Forbid MeSERIES The Good Ol' Boys #2AUTHOR M RobinsonGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE November 24th 2015MY RATING 5 FORBIDDEN LOVE STARS FORBID ME is told from both JACOB'S and LILY'S POV Past Present Collide This book right here is one of my most highly anticipated books book #1 Complicate me had my heart 100% and put me in the biggest book funk I have EVER encountered can not wait to see what M Robison brings me with this book If it's another book funk I will cry It was only a matter of time until the truth came out I tried to stay away from her but eventually I crossed that line Jacob I've always loved you but that doesn’t change the fact that this is wrong What we’re doing what we’ve been doing since you were fifteen behind everyone’s backs is fucking wrong Jacob She was still my best friend's sister I cray cray love books like this since I devoured Complicate Me I've been on a reading binge for books like thatthis the feels the angst the heartbreak the tears the sadness wrap that up into one bundle and that's what I'm getting reading this book He was everything to me My heart My soul I was hisMy body My mind It had been and would always be that way Lily Then their worst nightmare happens when shit gets real when Lucas walks into Lily's bedroom catching them in a compromising position I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU he screamed Lucas “I never thought it would come to thisBullshitYes I didWhich is why I tried like hell to stay away from my best friend’s baby sister” Remember that's how the previous book ended there's no having to back track because this starts off right where the above ended He was my LOBSTER I LOVED him He called me KID since the day I was born Sighs Jacob I thought I loved Lucus's character but Jacob and his macho alpha caveman tendencies has stolen my heartMy very first tear drop And all over a desert Jacob made once you hit that scene you'll know what I mean he's pulling out all the stops to win her heart back and claim her as his againAnd the second lot of tear drops came when Lily's mum spoke to Jacob so heartbreakingly raw Lobsters mate for life A rollercoaster of a ride laughter love tears I loved every second minute hour I spent reading this bookI freaking consumed this book what's not to love about a forbidden love but this love was just so right it workedConseuences be damnedThe conflicting emotions that race through you as you read this hold you captive within it's grasp I never wanted to get off this crazy ride I never wanted to get to that last page of this book I never wanted it to end I think he was born with a ballcap on his head he never took it off The only time he ever did was when I would steal it off his head and put it on mine It made me feel safe like no one could hurt me when his hat was on my head Lily The little shit Lily I was there when you were born I held you when you were a baby I've watched you take your first step I've watched you say your first word and I've been there for every significant moment in your entire life LillianEvery Single One Jacob With the past and present merging in this book it gives for greater character attachment and gives us the full picture of why things happened in the past that stopped these two from moving forward Hurting you is my biggest regret loving you is my only redemption