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He was someone who belonged in my wildest fantasies instead of a rest stop in the middle of NebraskaA sexy cocky Australian named Chance was the last person I expected to run into on my cross country drive When my car broke down we made a deal Next thing I knew we were traveling together spending sexually tense nights in hotels and taking unplanned detours My ordinary road trip turned into the adventure of a lifetime It was all fun and games until things got intenseI wanted him but Chance wouldn’t make a move I thought he wanted me too but something was holding him back I wasn’t supposed to fall for the cocky bastard especially when I knew we’d be going our separate ways All good things must come to an end right? Except our ending was one I didn’t see comingAuthor's note Cocky Bastard is a full length standalone novel Due to strong language and sexual content this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18

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    4 StarsI’m currently kicking my own a for not reading this one sooner Why did I waited so long to read it? I honestly don’t know UghIt goes without saying you must read this one ASAP of course if you have it in your list if not add it immediately because I guarantee you won’t be disappointed If you are looking for a great mix of steam romance and humor look no further because 'Cocky Bastard' was exactly thatand “You’re not suggesting” “Yes Yes I am If I change your tire you let me ride with you” “Ride with me?” “Ride me yes” “What did you just say?” “You’re hearing things” Aubrey is on a road trip to California She needs a fresh new start after her douchebag now ex boyfriend cheated on her She left everything behind and took the first position she got as a lawyer at a small startup firm in Temecula CA Her road trip definitely changes for the better I would say when on the road she meets Chance a sexy arrogant man who gets on her nerves yet makes her hornier than she’d ever been “What’s CB stand for anyway?” “Those are my initials” “Let me guessCocky Bastard?” Chance is a sexy Aussie who used to be a professional soccer player He’s on his way home to California when his motorcycle dies on him Aubrey and Chance agree to travel together in Aubrey’s car after Chance fixes it for her AS time passes and they get to know each other Aubrey and Chance can’t deny the strong chemistry between them but they can’t forget they are headed in two different directions Something happens between these two and they are separated by some nasty circumstances “Chance was the only thing that felt right about my life right now—the only thing that felt like home for as long as I could remember” I really really enjoyed this one Like I mentioned above it has a little bit of everything which I truly enjoyed To be honest it was much better than I expected The story was simply fun and entertaining from start to finish It was refreshing it was hilarious and it was also sexy as hell The story is divided in two parts The firs one is from Aubrey’s POV and the second in Chance’s POV While the first is fun the second is ‘serious’ Personally I enjoyed the first part so I wouldn’t have minded the entire story to be that way – simple and fun That being said I think overall the storyline was delightful and the way the story was told was fantastic It kept me glued to the pages until the end “I had no idea where it came from; the confession just blurted itself from my lips “I pleasure myself Okay? Does that make you happy to hear?” Chance grinned “As a matter of fact it does” He shrugged “I pleasure myself too Aubrey In fact the next time I rub one out I’m going to picture you” Both Aubrey and Chance were endearing well developed characters I liked Aubrey and overall I enjoyed her personality She was fun sweet and even relatable But what made this book a great experience for me was Chance It seems I love a cocky bastard than I had imagined The man was sex on a stick gorgeous charming and delish from head to toe I really have to say loooved his cockiness the way he was with Aubrey and also his dirty smart mouth “Holy mother of all cocky bastards He was hung The thing was dangling than halfway to his knees I took a sharp breath in realized it was audible and uickly slapped my hand over my mouth I kept it there until he was completely dressed afraid a moan might slip out” As the story progresses we get to see his sweet and ‘ serious’ side And I liked this side of him as well The man for sure knew what he wanted which I liked Aubrey and Chance’s chemistry was really well done and the sexual innuendos and also their sexy times were fantastically done The dialogue between them in the first part were entertaining and I simply loved their witty banter The back and forth between them was really hilarious at times Now I have to mention a certain secondary character that almost stole the show for mealmost the baby goat who was so fcking cute and funny Love it All in all 'Cocky Bastard' was a very enjoyable read that will capture your attention from the beginning with many sweet and funny moments two endearing characters that will keep you on your toes for one reason or another and a lovely romance that will capture your heart “Sometimes it takes losing everything to make you realize what you really need”

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    45 Starsimage error

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    5Beautiful Second Chance StarsGENRE Contemporary Romance TYPE StandalonePOV First Person – Dual “Do you want to keep me or will you throw me away?” Chance Aubrey “AH BREE” Bloom is on a road trip to a new life in California A new job for a new law firm waits for her She decided to leave her past behind after a bad relationship left her wanting a fresh new start On her trip to California she made a stop in Nebraska and meets this HOT Beautiful Australian and Cocky man that you only see in movies Her first impression of him was that he was Cocky and full of himself It annoyed her because she instantly felt attracted to him Well I would be the same way if I ever find a blue eye deep dimples and a body to die for He was just simply beautiful and irresistible with his Australian accent Chance Bateman a twenty eight; retired from professional soccer in Australia was traveling to his home in California when his motorcycle died on him He didn’t know if it was luck or faith or coincidence but he meets Aubrey on the road to his destination and makes a deal with her; they will ride together and he will make sure that she makes it there safe considering the drive to California was long and a woman on her own was not safe She was skeptical but decided she liked him and took a chance Chance was absolutely an eye catcher from the beginning he made me laugh so much He would mess around with Aubrey and his accent drove her mad but in the good way Change and Aubrey find a GOAT in the road and this just made the book so much interesting I fell in love with this cute little thing and both of them were just hilarious when it came down to the Goat They take a detour to Las Vegas before they reached California with their new baby Goat Aubrey knew not to get too close to Chance after her bad breakup but she really felt a magnetic pulled and an attraction to him Chance made her heart beat and he made her feel alive Even thought she did not know if they would be seeing each other after they make it to California she still really wanted to find out and wanted to hope She opens up to him he loved flirting with her and making her laugh The entire road trip just fascinated me I think my cheeks hurt so much from laughing and grinning by the time I finished reading this book Chance starts feeling the same ways for “AH BREE” but a dark secret is keeping him from letting her in and continue something he knew that couldn’t happen even if he wanted to It was frustrating trying to figure out his secret They ended up having the best last night of their life and the worse in Las Vegas I was full of emotions half way on this book but the second half is told from Chance’s point of view and I didn’t think I could possibly love him Yes what he did made me mad but he had a good reason He went through so much to earn Aubrey’s trust back to the point that I wanted to slap her and tell her to wake up and see the big picture This beautiful man would basically do anything for her and she just couldn’t see it He basically returned and stalked her and fought hard for her I completely loved this book from beginning to end It was so different fresh funny sexy and these two characters were both great The events that occurred at the end had me a bit nervous but it all ends up being wrapped up so well and beautifully I loved every single minute of it I would most defiantly recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a second change story a story of true love forgiveness and who don’t mind a cocky beautiful Australian accent making you laugh the entire time and a blind cute Goat added to the picture “A single minute can change an entire life Yet I still feel like somehow we would have met anywaybecause I know now that you’re my soulmate”Aubrey ARC kindly provided via TRSOR blog tour in exchange for an honest review Book Order Standalone US UK For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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    5 STARS Especially for the sexy and sweet as sinAustralianChanceWellPenelope Ward is a new Author to me but I've read books by Vi Keeland before so I thought this would be goodand it certainly wasand Chance is one of my newfavourite Male charactersGod the man is gorgeousAubrey is on her way to California to start a new chapter in her life when she meets Chance at a rest stopCircumstances throw them together and they end up sharing the drive to California togetherThey only have a short time together but in that time the chemistry between them is undeniableAlong the way they kind of adopt a goatyesa goatI know it sounds crazy but trust me it totally works and is so funny and sweet you'd have to read itto really appreciate it Aubrey can feel herself falling for Chance but can tell he's holding backOn their last few days they decide to visit Vegas You want to sin with me princess?Did I ever So up until this point there's been a lot of sexual innuendos going on and a lot of flirting but on the last night the dynamics of their relationship changesRight soI'm not going to give anything else awayThe first half is from Aubreys pov and then in the second it switches to ChanceThings happen that you weren't expecting but I loved every word of this bookAnd did I mention that Chance is delectable???the Australian accent always does it for me and you can just imagine this man's sexy drawland the way he says her nameAH BREEgrrrrrSohe's definitely a Cocky Bastard but the kind you'd want to do bad things to youI just loved this bookit'ssexysweet with great characters and IMO really well writtenit's the kind of book that just wraps you up and won't let go until you've finished it A single minute can change an entire life Highly recommended

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    Picking Up A Hitchhiker Never Looked So GoodThis book was a little slow going for me at first but once it got going I couldn't put it down 'Cocky Bastard' was funny and entertaining I mean where else am I going to find a book about a road trip with a blind fainting goat? It was those uirky little things that made this book for meIn a nutshell Aubrey picks up a hot Aussie Chance when she is driving cross country to California after ditching her cheating ex Chance fixes her car in exchange for a ride She begrudgingly agrees There is an instant physical attraction and soon the two are falling in loveBy the time they make it to the final stretch of their road trip they're both head over heels and neither wants to face the inevitable end of their time together They make the most of their last day together having a pretend wedding followed by a very hot pretend honeymoon nightAfter their steamy night together Aubrey is certain that she is completely in love with Chance She's also certain that he left her without even saying goodbye when she wakes up the next morning She is devastatedTwo years later after Aubrey's finally got her life back on track Chance makes a reappearance in her life To say she's angry and distrustful is putting it mildly She still loves him but she's not ready to admit that to herself and certainly not to himAfter a lot of wooing groveling and romantic gestures things finally work out the way I wanted There is nothing worse than a heroine that lacks a spine and simply rolls over when the Hero screws up badly and just says he's sorry So while I did think that the punishment phase dragged on a bit I appreciated that she didn't just let him off the hook easy after all that heartacheI really enjoyed this story and the characters Honestly though Esmerelda Snowflake aka Pixy was my favorite I loved that damn goat I'm curious about the house training details but I guess it could happen Overall a great love story with bits of humor throughout The ending is predictable but that didn't make it any less enjoyable for me The details were original and very entertaining Picking up a hitchhiker never looked so good

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    Aubrey is looking for a fresh start and meeting Chance a sexy arrogant Australian is not part of her plan But an impromptu road trip with the cocky bastard has her uestioning her opinion of her companion Aubrey starts to warm up to Chance but he constantly seems to be putting on the breaks until one night changes everything Attraction is way too tame for what happens when I look at you I want to fucking conuer you Aubrey knew they would be going their separate ways she thought she was prepared but she shocked by the way their road trip ends And the resulting hurt isn't going to be easy to heal poor Chance has his work cut out for himI really enjoyed this one a nice mixture of humor steam and romance Chance and pixy were simply wonderful who knew a goat would steal my heart My only issue was Aubrey that woman sure did make my boy suffer Overall this was an enjoyable read for me

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    Type StandalonePOV First Person DualRating Aubrey Bloom uprooted her life and moved cross country for a fresh start In the middle of the long road trip to California she took a break at a rest stop only to continue the journey with one extra passengerChance Bateman a cocky Aussie guy was also heading to the same destination when his bike broke down He made a deal with Aubrey so he could hitch a ride What started as a simple ride uickly turned into something else as they took detours in the trip and in life I saw this book a lot on my GR feed when it first came out and it got me intrigued I’ve read a book by Penelope Ward but not Vi Keeland so I thought this might be a good way to break into a new to me author I’m glad I ended up enjoying this one I stocked up on typical stalker snacks Fun dip Sour Patch Kids popcorn and of course Pixy Stix The cashier looked at me like I might be luring kids into the back of my van at the corner of the local elementary school Chance was an easy to love character Besides being physically hot with a juicy biteable ass he also spoke with Australian accent And yes I did read all his dialogue in my head with an Aussie accent haha He’s also very funny with his sexual innuendos Aubrey was the uptight one but she could keep up with him She had a certain level of vulnerability that I like “When I say scared the shit out of himI now mean literally Bugger took a dump all over your backseat” One of my favorite characters in this book is definitely the goat Yes one of the reasons I chose to read this book is because of the damn goat hahaThe story was divided into two parts The first part was light and hilarious so I didn’t expect the second part to have a different tone The book has a split personality because the second parts was serious and even a little angsty with bits of comedy sprinkled in between But I don’t have problem with that and I actually like it that way because you get to see a different side of the characters Cocky Bastard is an entertaining and amusing story about taking chances and fighting for what you want It’s a good choice if you’re looking for something light but also fulfilling Note I need to try some cock sauce hahaFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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    I expected a lot from this book considering its high rating but sadly it didn’t uite live up to the hype Spoiler alertI excitedly went into this book and it had me hooked from the first page Although Chance isn’t my type of hero He was such a tease I’m not a fan of playful pushy and cocky guys I really did enjoy the first half But alas the second half was a catastrophe for me and I didn’t enjoy it at all Honestly I couldn’t stand Aubrey She was selfish and wishy washy She didn’t want to break up with her boyfriend Richard but at the same time didn’t want to let Chance go either It seemed like she kept giving him hope that she would let him back into her life again It was freaking unfair to both guys This was so damn frustrating Aubrey listen to me It’s impossible to eat your cake and have it too womanShe said she didn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend but as far as I can see she’d already done that not physically but emotionally In my opinion emotional infidelity is far worse than physical affair I hated that she wasn’t honest with Richard and kept him in the dark about Chance It doesn’t matter whether there was sex involved or not I still call it cheatingThere was one scene in this book that almost made my head explode When Richard knocked on her door unexpectedly she chased Chance away told him to slip out the backdoor Hell I saw red I hated how she treated him So damn unacceptable It got me pissed off to the whole new level At that moment I didn't even want to continue reading it anyWell after calming myself down I picked it up again and kept reading And see what I found near the end of the story When Aubrey eventually made up her mind that she wanted to be with Chance she had a nerve asking him if he was seeing someone Ha I have no words Shakes head in disbeliefHowever I really loved Pixy the blind baby goat Actually I like the name ‘Esmerelda Snowflake’ better than ‘Pixy’ He apparently was the best thing that ever happened in this book Such a cute little thingSo to sum up my whole rant—the first half got 5 stars from me without a doubt but for the second half 1 star was than it deserved Due to my generosity I ended up giving this one 3 starsSorry for my long rant

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    This duo is killing me And this book is helping them I know I'll repeat myself but i can't help it Penelope in every combination is amazing solo or with Vi I love her and her books will always the first in my TBR listCocky bastard was brilliant and the funniest in the series from my point of view The plot is insanely simple but Penelope and Vi made it sexy and charming for us readers Aubrey picks up an Aussie Chance when she is driving across the country to California after splitting up with the boyfriend who cheated on her Her car breaks down and Chance helps her fix it in exchange for a ride They click almost immediately and soon fall in love Aubrey is extremely independent but a little unsure of herself After the cheating aspect she is reluctant to start a new relationship but with Chance she considers giving it a shot Chance is funny as hell smart and good looking a former athlete who now poses for calendars for a living Their trip to California transforms into a live changing experience and after that they will never be the same again Chance shows Aubrey how to live and feel again giving yourself up to temptation and not regretting it for a second Their relationship was based on instant chemistry and there also was a slow burn because visibly something was keeping Chance guarded in showing his attraction to Aubrey The book is divided into the 2 parts I'm so afraid of in Penelope's books After the first part where they fall in love we have the second part that scares me to death The aftermathBut this one please discover on your own I loved the chemistry between the characters OMG it was insane and I wanted to literally go in the book and hook them up already They were so good for each other and took them so long to realize it After discovering what kept Chance in giving Aubrey his heart I was devastated but hoped that their destiny will change and have the happy ending they deserve In the second part we get to see another Chance strong and determined to get his love back You will swoon on his attempts and love him even The originality of the story was a bonus for me but mostly the intensity of it and the humorous passages made the delight of this book A wonderful story of second chances and instant chemistry 4 goats to go with it

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    I was saving this for a rainy day I swallowed and seemed to lose my ability to speak as I took in the Adonis standing before me I wanted to smack that cocky smile right off his face though—his gorgeous chiseled scruffy face framed by a thick head of copper brown hair Fck me This man was insanely hot not someone I expected to come across out here Yeah I think this book has been a good choiceNice easygoing story Nice book cover Cover model Nick AylerSweet endingPure sunshine4 stars for the story and an extra star for the awesome book titleCockyCockyCockyCockyCockyCockyThere I said it I feel much better now#freecocky #cockygate #cocky #unblockthecock #cockyblocker #mademyday #cockyfight #stilllaughing