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USA Today Bestselling novelMy life changed forever the night my husband died I was left with a shattered heart a heap of bills and our daughter EVERLEIGH I don’t want to rely on anyone least of all CREW GENTRY He’s my first love and the man who almost destroyed me the man who has let me down every time I’ve needed him But when tragedy strikes a second time Crew just might be my only hope My life changed forever the night my brother diedI was left with a guilty conscience a pile of mistakes and little else I take care of JULIA GENTRY my brother’s widow and the love of my life and their daughter I know she doesn’t want my help but she gets it anyway I owe her thatWhen another disaster hits I’m given the opportunity to make things right I’m taking it I'm willing to sacrifice it all

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    Have you ever read a story sat back when it was finished closed your eyes and just cried? I have With this book I cried happy tears I cried sad tears What could have been and what will be tears It was one of the most emotional poignant perfect stories that I've ever read It's one that will stay with me forever and I'm okay with that because I never want to let these characters goI'm a huge fan of Adriana respect her as a peer and I can honestly say that I loved her other books the characters that reach out and grab you But Crew Crew is my favorite He's a mans man He's your regular hard working man He's my husband I don't mean my book husband although he's that too I mean he's MY husband He wears his Carharts and busts his ass to provide for his family He makes SACRIFICES every single day willingly to make sure we're taken care of Thats why I say Crew is my husband He may be yours too I love reading about those millionaire business men untouchable athletes groupie loving rock stars but nothing beats a blue collar man A relatable struggling to pay the bills getting it done blue collar man I dare you not to fall in love with him and his rough and tough exterior Don't even get me started on the bromance between him and his cousin Will who I am positive was written with me in mindJulia She is the most down to earth strong relatable I wanna be your friend heroine I have ever read She's strong and resilient She fights and fights and then fights some just to get through the day I love her I love her dedication and determination She's a mama bear a fierce warrior of a mama bearI can't say enough good things about the depth of this character All in all this story is everything It wrecked me put me back together and then wrecked me again It made me stop and thinkMade me hug my kids and thank my husbandIt put things into perspective and it gave me the feels Feels upon feels For sure one of my favorite stories of all time and one I'll read again and again

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    45 stars Sacrifice is the perfect title for this book Both of these main characters make huge sacrifices for the ones they love This was a heavily emotional read but those are my favorite I loved both Crew and Julia and little Everleigh Julia has been through tragedy than any woman should She lost her husband and now it’s struck again Crew Gentry is Julia’s brother in law but he also dated Julia way back when He still loves her She hates depending on him but with her daughter in the mix she now has no choice I loved this second chance love story Crew was pretty fantastic It brought me to tears thinking of what he was willing to give up to help his two girls Julia is also a great character She is just as much of a fighter as Crew just in a different way This is a slow building second chance romance that is heavy on the emotions and light on the steam I love these heart wrenching stories I listened to the audio and the narration was good The ending left me with a smile on my face 45 stars

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    45 STARSUnfiltered reviewhttpsprettymessreadingwordpresscSomebody decided to step outside of their comfort zone and veer away from the typical romance books they normally writeThis is not your sweet hearts and flowers kind of love story It’s grimy and deep and true and real If you are looking for a light read then this is not the book for you But if you are looking for a book they may cause real emotions and you’re ready to put your feelings out there here you goSacrifice is the perfect name for this book Everything was on the line and it was only real love and sacrifice that could save everyone When you’re left alone your world ripped from under you you start fightingFighting to live Fighting to surviveFrighting to protect what little you have left – Crew I’m not normally one who likes reading books that involves the suffering of children in any form but this story was beautiful to me This book drew me in from the very beginningJulia is a beautiful and unbelievably strong mama who is fighting everyday to survive and provide for her 5 year old daughter Everleigh Which by the way is the cutest name – besides Ava of course because that’s my daughter’s name Julia is a wonderful portrayal of what a woman looks like when they’re backed into a corner I personally believe that there is anything stronger in the world than a mother fighting for her childrenCrew is a man who has a world of guilt on his shoulders His pain is literally pouring off the pages It was impossible for me to not love him and wish him the best in life I found myself rooting for a man who may or may not have been responsible for the suffering of loads of people – it’s really how one views the situation Like how his actions pushed Julia into the arms of another man in the pastJulia was Crew’s first love and his only love Crew was Julia’s first love but when he left her many years ago his brother Gage became her next loveWhen push came to shove Crew was tested to see if he could be the man others thought he could be But he refused to leave his family’s side He worked tiredly doing back breaking work for long hours to ensure those he loved could have everything they neededIt was very obvious to everyone that Crew loved Julia but he respected his brother Gage who was also Julia’s deceased husband enough to keep his feelings a secret But you can’t hide love no matter how hard you try His regret ate him alive everyday He wanted the ability to love her in the open but didn’t know how to get thereWhether or not Crew was willing to express his true feelings for Julia made no difference in him taking care of her and Everleigh What I admired about him as a man was that whenever Julia would push him away and refuse his help he never left To him it was non negotiableJulie never believed that Crew would stay She believed that he would abandon Everleigh and wanted to make sure he never got a chance to disappoint her But at the end of the day when push came to shrug her ex husband Gage knew that Crew would man up and never leaveI really enjoyed getting to know Gage through the eyes of Julia and Crew it was uite fascinatingAt one point during the story life knocks these two down and this is where Crew has to step up or sit the fuck down Personally I never uestioned Crew’s ability Crew would put his life on the line and do anything and everything that needed to be done in order to make sure Julia and Everleigh got what they needed Literallyhis life his sacrificeJulia’s fight became his fight There isn’t anything sexier than a loyal man That is a panty dropping uality right there “We are in this together For as long as I live every battle you face is mine too” I say leaning in like I’m telling her a secret “I’m one helluva fighter” – Crew That’s not too surprising because Crew has loved Julia ever since they first met her as teenagers I found myself mesmerized by these twoIf you couldn’t tell already I was enthralled by this book and would recommend it for those who aren’t looking for a cookie cutter story If you want to see what Adriana Locke can do when she’s not writing little sworn worthy typical books – here you goFollow all crazyInstagram

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    I've loved both of the stories Adriana Locke has given us Her hot cocky alpha males and southern gentlemen are what book boyfriends are made of But something about this story is different Something has changed This story came from somewhere different and with every word that I read I was very aware that that place was her heart Crew Gentry isn't a book boyfriend he's a hero He's a man you want on your side when the chips are down and you have no where else to turn Because he will prove without a doubt that a real man won't just talk the talk he'll walk the walk This story far surpassed anything I expected This story will own you These characters are real raw Their story is as tragic as it is uplifting They come from nothing they have nothing Barely enough money no fancy cars or big houses What they do have is love strength resilience and a will to survive It seems as though Jules has been fighting her entire life Fighting to overcome her worthless parents Fighting to survive the loss of her first love only to love and lose again She has battled over and over and now she's faced with the biggest fight she'll ever endure And the one she may very well lose She is a fighter Take fucking notesCrew has also been fighting his entire life but for all the wrong reasons He's been fighting for himself without any regard for how his actions have affected others That is until he realizes the most important fight he could ever take on is one that if he loses he would lose far than just his pride Faced with the ultimate sacrifice he realizes he needs to man the fuck up And that his sacrifice could be forever but importantly that it would always be for Ever I'm not praying for a victory I'm not asking for him to lose All I ask of you is that you do with me whatever you need to in order to clear my girls of any harmSo poignant and so profound I found myself falling and in love with this story with each page turn The character transitions are seamless and perfectly paced This story touched me beyond words and will stay with me for a long time

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    ༺Complimentary Copy༺ Provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE SacrificeAUTHOR Adriana LockeGENRE Contemporary RomancePUBLICATION July 13thth 2015 MY RATING 5 STARS This is the first time I've encountered or read anything by this author before so I'm pretty keen to see what she's going to bringThis book was a beautiful emotional story about letting go forgiveness second chances and sacrificesThe reason why I'm rating this at 5 stars is because of the uniue story line the emotional connection the author brought out of me when reading this the uestions that raced through my mind the what if I was in that situation what would I do where would I turn etc etc Ok shoot me but is it so bad that I signed up to read this because of the freaking hot cover Hello my name is Kat Fenton and I am a cover hoeAnd then I saw the teasers wipes chin Fck me The reviews look amazing for this So I'm nailing up a DO NOT DISTURB sign turning off the phone and I'm going to start this now Julia's husband Gage died 2 agonizing years ago and Julia still finds herself in the throes of grief Forgive me father for I have sinned I am soooooo ready to meet CREW gods even the name sounds cray cray HOT I am so ready to get SCREWEDcoughs I mean CREWEDYou know the kind of books that just drag and pull you into the story the kind that make you feel the kind where you connect with the story line the characters with what the author is trying to make you see feel well this is one of those books LOVED BY TWO BROTHERS “This is the way this is going to happen from here on out Listen carefully take notes if you gotta but by God pay attention You are moving in with me I’m taking care of you and Everleigh at least until she’s better Once that happens and it will happen Jules then if you want to leave we’ll discuss But I’m drawing a fucking line in the sand right now and it’d do ya some good not to cross it”How do you lean on someone who you blame for your husbands death? How do you lean on that someone when you're scared he's going to do what he's best at and walk away? I never thought I’d be facing the day I’m moving in with Crew Gentry It's so easy to get into feel what Julia feels with the day to day struggle of making ends meet trying to keep her and her daughters heads above water the emotional struggle of a sick child those feelings are realThere is soooo much depth to this story it's not just about a fighter or a love story or a tragic death or even the hot cover that will get us cover hoes panting it could be about real life what happens in this book could be happening to someone in the world and that's what makes this book so heartbreakingly real

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    I've had Sacrifice on my TBR ever since one of my reader friends got to read it early and fell in love I finally got to read it and oh my gosh am I glad I did I always go for the emotional stories and Sacrifice definitely had me swimming in the feels It's sad and profound but throughout the story I felt hope and belief building I loved the way Adriana was able to capture the intense love between Crew and Julia without belittling the love of Julia's first husband That's an emotion that's very tricky to pull off and Adriana did it beautifully And CrewCrew is just the perfect alpha malethere to protect defend and SACRIFICE So good

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    I finished reading Sacrifice at 525AM crying my eyes out happy tears? Sad tears? I am not telling This book had me feeling so many emotions It was such an AMAZING book Ever was one of the sweetest girl I read about This book was unpredictableemotional hot and sweet at the same time Julia tried to stay so strong for her daughter It is not easy being a single parent and doing everything on your own it wasn't easy asking for help I respect that a lot but at some point you have to let family help especially when it is too much to handle on your own Crew was there to lift some of the heavy baggage of her shoulder however baggage was piling up This book had a steady pace and the writing style was greatI am definitely going to add the other books by Adriana on my TBR list

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    destroyed I am going to need a few days before I even think of picking up another book #myhearthurts

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    5 StarsJulia Gentry's world fell apart two years ago when her husband died Getting her life back on track and raising her daughter feels like a constant battle especially when the person she holds responsible won't give up trying to right his mistakes Crew Gentry walked away from the girl he loved only to return home to find her in the arms of his brother After a life threatening end to a fight destroys his dreams his life spirals out of control Living everyday with the guilt that his brothers death was his fault and that the woman he loves will never forgive him This is a first for me from this author and I swear it won't be my last even hours after finishing this I'm still thinking about it This was such a beautiful story Crew never gave up trying to right his wrongs with Julia no matter how many times she told him to leave he kept coming back He adored his Niece Everleigh and the bond between them melted my heart When Julia received some devastating news Crew really stepped up to the plate he was prepared to sacrifice everything and I really do mean everything to get whatever it took to make things right The relationship between Julia and Crew was a slow burn going from tolerating each other for the sake of Everleigh to friends then to Lovers I felt like I made that journey right there along side them Just know I loved you then and I love you now As a matter of fact you’re the only person I’ve ever loved and the only person I’ll ever love”I was completely submerged within the pages You know that feeling you have when reading that one where you have butterflies in you're tummy and hope in you're heart while utter dread of what's to come occupies you're mind I had that in spades from about 40% onwards this is the first book in a while that has made me really feel and I'm so glad I took a chance and picked this baby up I loved every word I fell HARD for Crew I wanted to befriend Julia cuddle the hell out of Ever and Will god damn you Adriana Locke you better give me Will “You know my type a little bit of sugar a little bit of spice and a hint of whore” WillIf your looking for a second chance romance with a slow burn and a bundle of emotion this is definitely a book I'd recommend This is a standalone novel told from Duel POV's

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