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Fought in the winter of 1944 1945 the coldest season in over 100 years the Battle of the Bulge still ranks as the single largest battle ever fought by the United States Army Thirty one American divisions fully one third of the US Army raised during World War II saw action in this battle This battle was truly a test could this conscript army from a pacifistic democracy defeat the best remaining men and machines that Germany's totalitarian government could produce? In Battle of the Bulge author and artist Wayne Vansant brings readers into the frozen foxholes haunting forests and devastated villages of the Ardennes during that freezing cold winter With meticulous historical accuracy and hand drawn visuals that can tell a story in ways words alone cannot Vansant recounts the Bulge with insightful detail replaying the thrusts and volleys of both the combined Allied and German forces during the tumultuous battle This is a story of panic fear and physical misery; a story of how a generation of draftees National Guardsmen and a small core of regular officers and NCOs faced those three elements as snow piled around their foxholes and the incessant drumming of artillery splintered the woods that gave them shelter It is the story of men frozen and hurting far from home and holding little hope of seeing it again until the killing finally ended Above all The Battle of the Bulge is a story of incredible triumph now beautifully illustrated in graphic novel format for the first time

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    A very good graphic novel used the way they can and should be used in history Good art work and accurate information although it gets a little jumbled as all history does when dealing with an issue this complex Graphics bring the story to life and death and yet present a good picture of the events A small amount of sloppy editing is annoying ellided letters and misnamed units on maps Maps should have been much better He has done the research and covers at least four side bar topics rarely mentioned in other sources Well done for the most part and eddifying

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    Highly recommended

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    I enjoyed reading this blow by blow description of the battles fought in western Europe during the winter of 1944 The interesting historical events are described at a high level troop movements and at the ground level personal accounts from individual soldiers I just wish the maps were useful

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    love the illustrated pictures on the battle between the Germans and the Americans i also love how it gives two different point of views of the Germans and the Americans this graphic novel is a must read and a book that'll set the mood

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    It was good

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    I read this book to do a A with the homeschoolers as part of our World History series Plus when you work with boys comic books win the day Vansant is a hero in this regard because he turns the bits of history into fun for the students And I'm really starting to feel like a broken record here and not just the preface to my review I'm not really feeling these books from either a casual reader's view nor as an educator's view For the kids it is a narrative with lots of pictures an easy read and fairly interesting Despite of this I found it not uite what I expected for a comic book and not in depth enough for a history book As a retelling of the Battle of the Bulge it seems to do a pretty good job of laying things out to show you what is going on there was a MAP Yes I get excited about maps because it helps the reader especially young ones that don't know the area see where the action is happening From a history standpoint the data is accurate and understandable so I'd give it a 35 Like most of Vansant's other comic books in this area it might be enough to piue someone's interest but there was scant depth to some other parts of the story What he does well though besides the map is show a little bit of diplomacy how civilian had a hand in the wars and how they dealt with a lot of the drama As I did with the other Vansant books I took the time to check the info against a military historian Travis Beiersdorfer as well as someone who was there I also checked this with a vet that was there and he was uite happy with the presentation He thought it would be a good start for kids to see some of what he and his companions had to deal with

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    The Battle of the Buldge A Graphic History of Allied Victory in the Ardennes 1944 1945 by Wayne VansantAuthor and Illustrator Wayne Vansant takes readers on an historic journey through WWII’s Battle of the Bulge in rich graphic novel form Celebrated for his accurate recounting of American history in graphic novel format with works including The Graphic History of Gettysburg The Red Baron and Normandy the author does it again with this work as he depicts this famous battle in a truly accessible way Readers will feel the cold and pain of this bloody and confusing battle tremble with fear and hopelessness as they fight in Hitler Germany hear the constant artillery fire and ultimately experience the triumph of our soldiers This is an excellent addition to any junior high or high school library I highly recommend this work indeed any work by Wayne Vansant

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    Background knowledge of this topic will be very useful to the reader Even though I feel like I have a fairly good grasp of the basic issues of WWII I was definitely still struggling to keep track of characters and places I also found it frustrating that the maps throughout the book did not necessarily provide all the information I would have likedGraphics are well done although one needs to pay close attention to the difference of the uniforms to tell the two armies apart Author does a good job of clarifying any German terms used

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    This book is a great companion to Vansant's Normandy A Graphic History of D Day and his Bombing Nazi Germany The Graphic History of the Allied Air Campaign that Defeated Hitler in World War II This reader wishes someone would follow Vansant's lead and produce similar graphic histories of the Eastern Front and the Pacific Front

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    DisappointingLike reading a comic book with too many words Would have rather read a real book Waste of time and moneyStar rating 2