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In Bombing Nazi Germany renowned graphic novel author and artist Wayne Vansant profiles the dramatic joint American British Allied air war against Nazi Germany throughout Europe during World War II Meticulously researched illustrated and written with the same unmatched uality of Vansant’s Normandy and Gettysburg also from Zenith Press Bombing Nazi Germany tells the story of the first and second generations of airmen soldiers and politicians from both sides who sought to bomb the enemy into submission Vansant traces the development of the wildly controversial Strategic Bombing doctrine in the 1920s and 1930s the early stages of WWII and the dominance of the German Luftwaffe and the eventual 1942 involvement of the United States’ 8th Air Force and its vast fleet of B 17 and B 24 bombers Beautifully detailed with maps schematics and charts Bombing Nazi Germany also explores how industry and science aided the Allied air forces in these violent fights as both the Americans and British made crucial advancements in air detection and evasion methods Finally Vansant illustrates the lesser known perspective of the brave German pilots five miles above the earth who fought not to protect Hitler’s Reich but their homes and families As entertaining as it is educational Bombing Nazi Germany continues Wayne Vansant’s tradition of brilliant nonfiction graphic history

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    Great history well done without the mythology surrounding WWII Could be used as a college level overview

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    Amazing illustrations and deliverance of storyIt is a 5 star for all the things in the book and the illustrations are just amazing like crap

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    Was so painful to read and view the raid on Dresden a university town that killed 135000 people

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    I really enjoyed this book about the air war over Germany

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    So I thought I'd loan this 100 page graphic arts history book to my father in law who is in his late 80s and reads a lot of mysteries He returned it raving about how much he learned and how interesting it was to read Mr Vansant I believe I got you another reader While I personally didn't live through WWII I have read a few histories and Jeff Shaara books they count don't they? and I learned some too Nice length not too short or long And nice mix of detail and overview lots of operation level info and lots of individual stories of these than I had heard before Also a good mix of info on technology and the people involved The graphics sometimes helped tell the story but not always there are a lot of images of older soldiers with frowns and younger pilots smiling and planes belching fire from cannons But it met what I was looking for I look forward to reading others in this seriesI won this book on Goodreads First Reads program

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    I must start out with honesty While I read this book as an educator for the purpose of homeschool students to use as a history text I did not really enjoy the book It was a narrative with lots of pictures an easy read and fairly interesting Despite of this I found it not uite what I expected for a comic book and not in depth enough for a history book But that does not effect it's level of educational value If I was to grade on that I would say it's a 5 star book for students with a little bit of WWII history under their belt There are notes of politics technological advances important battles and even a handful of important people And it's written in a way that is easy to follow without being overwhelming for those that don't have a mind for names and dates I took the time to check the info against a military historian Travis Beiersdorfer and it seems to be very accurate for being so easy to read

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    I am a huge fan of Wayne Vansant's work Here Vansant lays out the history of the Eighth Air Force and Bomber Command in their long struggle against the German Luftwaffe He hits all the major players here Harris Dootlittle Goering as well as lots of little known pilots who were heroes for both sides Overall this is a good objective and entertaining look at one of the most important campaigns of World War II Highly recommended

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    This is another great graphic history from Wayne Vansant For a student of the Second World War in Europe this book combined with Vansant's Normandy A Graphic History of D Day; The Allied Invasion of Fortress Europe and his upcoming Battle of the Bulge A Graphic History of Allied Victory in the Ardennes 1944 1945 will serve as a nice base levelHighly recommended

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    For goodness sake it's sepArate not sepErate The uote is sowed the wind not sewed the wind And Cologne lost meTal works not meDal works I'm only on page 19 how are you supposed to teach kids history when you can't master spelling??? There are better options out there and even if there aren't you're better off skipping this nonsense

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    A decent educational comic Nothing nor less