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Normandy depicts the planning and execution of Operation Overlord in 96 full color pages The initial paratrooper assault is shown as well as the storming of the five D Day beaches Utah Omaha Gold Juno and Sword But the story does not end there Once the Allies got ashore they had to stay ashore The Germans made every effort to push them back into the sea This book depicts the such key events in the Allied liberation of Europe as 1 Construction of the Mulberry Harbors two giant artificial harbors built in England and floated across the English Channel so that troops vehicles and supplies could be offloaded across the invasion beaches2 The Capture of Cherbourg the nearest French port against a labyrinth of Gennan pillboxes3 The American fight through the heavy bocage hedgerow country to take the vital town of Saint Lô4 The British Canadian struggle for the city of Caen against the “Hitler Youth Division” made up of 23000 seventeen and eighteen year old Nazi fanatics5 The breakout of General Patton’s Third Army and the desperate US 30th Division’s defense of Mortaine6 The Falaise Pocket known as the “Killing Ground ” where the remnants of two German armies were trapped and bombed and shelled into submission The slaughter was so great that 5000 Germans were buried in one mass grave 7 The Liberation of Paris led by the 2nd Free French Ard Division which had been fighting for four long years with this goal in mind

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    This was the best graphic novel that Comixology gave away during their 20 day summer giveaway Not only was it 100 pages for free it was a good readThe writer and artist Wayne Vansant really took time to research this book I could tell because it corresponded with what I've read in other World War II books I guess one reason this book scored high marks from me was because I'm really into World War II materialStill read this book if you're into history especially about World War II

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    I read Normandy A Graphic History of D Day by Wayne Vansant I really liked this book because history especially American history interests me a lot The book follows the allied soldiers before while and after they storm the beaches of Normandy The book doesn’t have any dialogue it is all narrated It is uite wordy as it explains what is going on in certain points during the war and also gives previous information so that the reader can understand better The art in this book does use color and is very graphic No part to me stood out as too graphic but there is blood This book could be used as a resource to a student learning about World War Two and D Day I think that in a way it almost has to offer than a textbook because the graphics give a deeper understanding of what was going on at each time I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys history

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    This was free on Comixology recently and I thought it sounded like it was worth a read It tells the story from the D Day landing to liberation of Paris in a graphic format It is not really what I would class as a graphic novel but it is that than a normal book Whilst the illustrations are good they serve as little than something to catch the eye and give out no real information Everything good here comes from the textWhilst I knew a little about D Day I knew virtually nothing about what happened afterwards so I did find this book uite interesting It does a decent job at telling the events and I liked the way it managed to focus on lots of individuals and small groups sharing the small victories which were part of the big one However the historian in me couldn't help but leap to the surface whilst I was reading this For one thing is it felt a little biased towards the American side of things The British forces were discussed a little and the German side of the story was rarely mentioned I think it is important to remember that the German's on the front line doing the fighting were just normal soldiers fighting for their country and were just like most of the Brits and Americans fighting I also was disappointed that there is virtually no verification of facts here The graphic format allows for individuals to be a uoted in speech marks really well and it wasn't used at all here There were maybe two or three short contemporary uotes in the whole thing and I didn't feel it was enough Although my limited knowledge verifies things a little I have no other evidence that what the author wrote and drew here is accurate This is perhaps a good read for something who wants to know a bit about the allied invasion but for anyone who wants detail and contemporary evidence this is not the place to come

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    This was the first nonfiction graphic novel I've read and I enjoyed it a great deal I think the history is good and well written The graphics are also excellent and entertaining There are a small number of criticisms like on page 75 the author states that we had our tank aces too and mentions Sgt Lafayette Pool of the 3rd Ard Division but doesn't say what made him a tank ace At the same time however the book actually mentioned some things I did not know about the Normandy Campaign like on page 59 where Vansant tells us that Sgt Curtis Culin of the 79th Infantry Division invented the Hedgerow Cutter that mounted on ard vehicles to help them bust through hedgerowsI enjoyed the book no doubt but I still like to get my history from a traditional book or documentary However I wonder and hope that this kind of history book would engage anyone not just the young And anything that gets people tuned in to history is than okay with me

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    Free comicExcept it's not a comic It's certainly not a graphic novel Instead it's a very dry and not very remarkable account of a very well known storyThen once the text is arranged on each page in very plain and boring block very plain illustrations are added These illustrations are usually one of three distinct types1 wide view of action2 closeup of soldier's head with action in the background3 closeup of soldier's head with no action in the background featuring likeness of actual historical characterTo be honest I really didn't like the style of art at all There's no variation to the colour scheme or line weight or tone or anythingAt every point the language art and layout of the pages distanced me as a reader from the action and the story It's an amazing story so I find it uite amazing how bland and detached the author managed to make it

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    While the story is not new I really enjoyed reading it in the graphic novel format Historical fiction can tend to be dry for my tastes so I enjoyed being able to breeze through Normandy without feeling bored This would have been such a great idea when I was in high school learning about this time in our world's history I am happy I won this book through Goodreads

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    I borrowed this book from a kiddo and ended up having to read it uite uickly to get it back to him which really influenced my reaction to the book It was almost information overload but I think if I had had time to read it slowly and time to digestprocess the material I would have come away with a much better understanding Additionally I'm not nearly as knowledgeable about D Day as some so others may find that this book wasn't information overload because they have the connection and content to process it all

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    I participated in a reading event through my local library and read my first adult graphic novelI feel that graphic novels have a definite place in today's literary societyThe drawings in this novel are stark but they portray the horror of D Day in such a way that even adults with weak literary skills will understand the captions

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    Decent graphic novel basic overview

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    The book Normandy I would say it isn’t really worth your time to read the book The main characters are basically the Americans and Germans The big conflict is the war and how it happened How the war had started was hitler was trying to kill all of the Jews The book was mostly about World War 2 and how it started and how it ended If you are a history person that loves to read about the past wars and conflicts that we had back then this would be a fantastic book for you This book was really boring to me because I am not one of those people that like to learn about our past It was just a waste of time for me to read it there weren’t any main characters that you could get to know and understand how they felt during the book It was really boring because it was the same thing after another which was the Americans and Germans going at war It talked a lot about who was winning and some people that had died It just had a repeat of the same things If there were main characters in this book it would have made it interesting and pull the reader in Since that there wasn’t any main characters is was really hard for me to stay on task and read the book Hitler was a big part in this book because he was one of the biggest reasons on why the war started Hitler was trying to make America his so he could rule Germany and America We had to go to war so he couldn’t take us and Germany or that would be a very big problem If he hadn’t try to kill the jews the war probably wouldn’t have started or not have been as big Another reason why I disliked this book and why I think that it was a waste of time was because there wasn’t very many uestions I could ask my group and they couldn’t find very many uestions to ask us either I think that the writer could have made the battles have information and what went on during them He could have made them interesting and have details to make the reader want to read But he still had good descriptions on the war and fights He did make it sound like we new who was fighting in some of the fights when we didn’t really know who was who But at the end it cleared it up a little bit The author did pretty good of explaining such little of pages that he had I thought that it didn’t have the best story line One of the Americans main characters was Franklin D Roosevelt he was a good leader because he had us prepared with troops than germany did before we started the war That is another good reason of why we won I felt like if we weren’t prepared like we were before the war had started it would have been a lot harder to come out with the win in the end of the war I thought that because if we have troops we can have people die and it won’t matter as much where on the other side with Germany losing a lot of troops is really bad because and people are dieing and you are running out of people to fight for you Our troops had better weaponry than the Germans did our tanks were a lot better We had nuked japan to make them retreat I feel like he could have made the conflict a little bit appealing to the reader which would then make them want to read Again he could have made the characters important in this but he made characters at least All of the illustration were really good it really brought the book to life the images were really good it was very fun to look at it kinda evened out the book with the words Again I wouldn’t recommend this book because it was boring and all about the war and history If you like history and learning about the past then go ahead and read this book I would recommend it if you like history and are interested about all of the war and hitler past Thank You